Coming Soon Management is a new management and booking agency. With an exceptional passion for music, Coming Soon Management helps young talent on their way to success.


Coming Soon Management is a new management and booking agency based in Schiedam. Its purpose is to support upcoming artists and bands on their way to success. Coming Soon Management is passionate, curious and always searching for new talent. Supporting what Coming Soon Management loves is key.

Maarten van der Drift

The love for music developed when Maarten (1995, Schiedam) went to the artistic secondary school. From then on was Maarten busy with discovering the newest music. When he joined the foundation MET in Schiedam, things progressed quickly. He booked the bands and singer-songwriters for the coffee bar and later for the festival Where we’ve met, where he learned to get a better eye on talent.



Annabel Laura

Annabel Laura is a singer-songwriter, partially living in The Netherlands and Bali. She writes her music right from her heart,
with stories about nature and the city. Take note of her soulful voice.

Management & Bookings

Lisa van Nes

Lisa is a singer-songwriter from Eindhoven, currently living in Tilburg where she studies Vocals. Most of the times, Lisa performs solo: just with her guitar. She plays songs straight from her heart, giving you a look inside her head. Enjoy her stories in groovy songs with a sharp edge.

Management & Bookings

Oliver Pesch

Oliver Pesch is a 19-years old singer-songwriter from Rotterdam and is inspired by the blues and folk of the 60s and 70s. Mixing traditional influences and his own ideas gives a sound which is unique in the music scene. Oliver is strongly influenced by The Beatles, James Taylor, the early work of Queen and Blake Mills. The singer-songwriter won the prestigious award Kunstbende and is currently working on his first EP.


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